P2PCOIN was released on 26.11.2018 12:00 GMT
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How does masternode sharing work?

Choose a coin

The first step is to choose one of the coins for which we have decided to create mastersnodes.

We always seek to create masternodes for the most profitable coins.

Order shares

The second step is to buy shares on one or more masternode created for the chosen currency.

Shares on a masternode can be bought either in coins blocks or at 1 share = 1 coin.

Receive payment

The last step is to get your share of money from the masternode reward.

Masternodes can be set differently on shareholder payment, but generally the payout will be done every 24 hours.


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Frequent questions

Criptocoin or cryptocurrency is a type of digital, virtual currency, a surrogate, non-bank coin used as a means of payment. The name cryptocurrency indicates that this means of payment uses cryptography and is decentralized to control transactions and prevent double expense, a current problem for digital currencies. Criptomones use proof-of-work protocols based on hashing algorithms.
A certain amount of coins allow your wallet to become a masternode. Each coin has a certain amount of coins that can make up a masterpiece. The Masternod is part of the coin network participating in the block check. Depending on the currency, half or more of the reward per block is shared between the owners of the masternod. The Masternod is one of the best ways to secure a passive income.
If you do not have enough coins to fill a masternod, you can still participate in completing it by buying a part. Each part of a masternod allows its owner to receive rewards. The profit depends on the percentage of the participation quota, so if you invest 10 coins in a 100-cent coin, then you will receive 10% of all rewards.
Profit depends on several things. Each coin has a different return on investment and rewards on the masternod. The price of the currency may rise and fall as well. Thus, profit may range from 30 to 300% per month. It is very important to take part in the creation of masters so early that you will benefit from the time when the masternod is the most cost-effective.
P2P Coins offers different types of services to all who want to invest in cryptomonas and masters. We want to have a stable and secure platform that will allow all participants to make profit on their investments. In order to participate in masters, the algorithm is quite simple, you will order how many actions you want to buy at a mastern, and when you receive the order approval you will also receive an address where you send the coins for the order made. After completing the masternod, we take care of installing it and paying the rewards for each participant according to the participation quota. P2P Coins will set a mastery fee for each masternod in part. The Masternod administration Fee applies only to the rewards received from that masternod. P2P Coins does not charge any fees for coins invested in the maternod.
To get into P2P Coins you need to create an account. You can register by pressing the register button on the main page or use the registration form in the header by clicking on the Users button. Once you have filled out the registration form you will receive an email confirmation of your account and you will need to follow the instructions received in the email. Once you've confirmed your account, you can always sign in to the P2P Coins platform where you can order and pay for shares within the created masternodes and you can track the rewarding process.